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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence or AI technology is gaining popularity worldwide. It is being used in big organizations as well as our daily lives. Now, taking one step forward, AI is developed to prove useful in the healthcare industry. In simple terms, all the data from diagnosis will be collected and then used for understanding the diseases, so that they can be treated with more success rate.

Also, it will ease the life of patients. They will have a digital record that will be accessible to doctors. This way, they can get healthcare advice by sitting at home. Doctors who access the records might want to change it. So, they can do it easily. Also, it will provide security to the personal data of people.

As the title suggests, this blog will describe the role of AI in the healthcare sector, about the uses of AI in healthcare, the benefits of using AI in healthcare, the future of AI in the healthcare sector, and many more. So, let's read in detail and learn how AI will assist healthcare in advancement.

How is Artificial Intelligence used in healthcare?

As we all know that when it comes to our health we never compromise, so Artificial Intelligence is something which is helping a lot in the healthcare sector. In an extremely complicated world of healthcare, AI instruments can uphold human suppliers to offer quicker assistance, and analyze information to recognize patterns or hereditary data that would predispose somebody to a specific illness.

Therefore, AI is used in several ways in the healthcare sector like AI-assisted robotic surgery, helps in workflow and administrative tasks, and many more. Have you ever heard of virtual nursing assistants? If not, then just read further. Patients need caring and virtual nursing assistants comfort in this. A virtual nurse is available 24×7 which monitors patients, gives answers to the questions very quickly. They didn't feel tired like human nurses.

“Machine learning allows us to build software solutions that exceed human understanding and shows us how AI can innervate every industry.” -Steve Jurvetson, Board Member of SpaceX and Tesla.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

AI gives an enormous number of benefits than traditional techniques. So, let's have a glance at some points which clearly portray some benefits of AI in healthcare.

  1. It will reduce human mistakes- Doctors can get very tired due to work. They always have to be very careful and focus on every small detail of the patients. This leads to reduced activeness and can sometimes be fatal for the patients. So, AI helps them by completing some of the complicated tasks like data arrangement, inspection etc. This can save the doctors from getting tired and they can work more effectively.

  2. It helps in making accurate decisions - There are many times when a patient requires to be operated or given medications instantly. At such times, AI will prove to be life-saving. Where the doctors need to go through previous records of the patient, AI can quickly analyze the records and suggest actions instantly. This will consume less time and will also be more effective.

  3. Virtual health assistants- Now talking about another benefit, these assistants are very useful for the doctors as well as the patients. It can give suggestions and analyze data for the doctors. Also, it can help patients by reminding them about medicines, helping them in diets, and sending their health status to their doctors.

  4. Improvement in treatment- AI has taken the responsibility of many tasks for the doctors. This has resulted in more efficient treatment, which is also less time-consuming. AI can provide the test results of MRI, CT Scans, Ultrasounds etc, which reduces the time taken to conduct the test and gives out the result quickly. This saves the patients from waiting for weeks to get a test result as they can get it within hours.

  5. Cost Reduction- You don't need to run to the hospital for displaying your medical report to doctors. Isn't it cost-cutting? Artificial Intelligence personal assistants can suggest patients on medical issues. They can even connect patients directly to doctors for advice, thus reducing the cost of visiting a clinic or a hospital.

Will AI Replace Nurses?

You must be thinking that, will nurses ever be replaced by robots? So, the answer is a little tricky, maybe yes or maybe no. Nurses are thinking that in the future they will get replaced by robots. However, they are not fully correct as the robots are not going to replace nurses. Even AI will boost nurses in doing so many tasks and lower their burden.

Technologies are progressing day by day and if we take the example of a robot who matched the human level then Sophia is the best example of it. Thus, Artificial Intelligence is still at the infant level in the healthcare sector and robots will take time to match the level of human nurses.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Now, coming towards the future of AI in healthcare, so are you thinking what the future of the healthcare sector with AI looks like? So, the answer is the future of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is amazing.

  • As indicated by a report by Tractica, the utilization of 22 healthcare AI apparatuses will produce a yearly income of $8.6 billion by 2025, in view of the current use patterns.

  • The future of healthcare and the future of machine learning and AI are enormously tiered.

  • Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare market is discharged to rise at a CAGR of 44.9% from 2020 to 2026.

  • By 2030, AI will permit numerous citations of data to disclose structures in disorder and assistance medicine and supervision.

  • AI has a lot of scope in healthcare services in the coming years. The hybrid models will help doctors in the diagnosis of patients, identifying diseases etc.

However, this will just reduce the doctor's tasks. The main responsibility still lies in the hands of the doctor. In this way, the treatment process will be faster and more effective.

  • Thus, AI is bringing a great change in the healthcare sector. AI will benefit a doctor, nurse as well as patients in several ways as we have already discussed above.

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