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Changed into private limited in 2021, OXYZENWEALTH PRIVATE LIMITED has earned a reputation as a top Wealth Management Firm. We support companies from the initial stages of their burgeoning business until they achieve a sustainable revenue.

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Looking for Financial Advisory?

We got you!

We've forged alliances with leading Angel Investors, Banks, NBFCs, Venture Capitalists, and Catalysts. Our strong Network extends to Global Multi-Family Offices that hold vital roles across diverse Industries and Sectors.

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Pain points addressed through our Consultation

Startups navigate a landscape of considerable uncertainty when it comes to Venture Capital investments, given their elevated rates of failure. Our firm, however, uniquely directs its funding efforts towards early-stage companies, forging partnerships in return for equity or ownership stakes. We stand as venture capitalist collaborators, embracing the inherent risk of backing these daring start-ups, all with the aspiration that select enterprises we champion will flourish, contributing to a positive transformation of the global economy.

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Business Funding

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Maximize Profits

Venture Capital Assistance is financial support in the form of an interest-free loan provided by our In-house lenders to qualifying projects to meet the shortfall in the capital requirement for the implementation of the project.

Intellectual Property Buy/Sell


Outstanding Collaborations

Futura Financial Program offers specialized Intellectual Property (IP) Buy/Sell services, providing a seamless platform for businesses to acquire or divest intellectual assets. Our expert team navigates complex legal landscapes, ensuring secure, profitable transactions. We connect innovators with investors, fostering growth and value in the dynamic world of intellectual property.

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Lending made Easy

Do you want to know what we think of you? Please take out few minutes to fill out our form to help us understand how we can serve you better.

Accelerator Support

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Choose your Accelerator

Accelerator Selection services offer emerging startups access to essential resources, mentorship, and funding opportunities. Tailored to foster rapid growth, our program connects entrepreneurs with industry experts and investors, equipping them with tools and insights to scale their ventures effectively in competitive markets. Join us to accelerate your success.

Incubator Support

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Network with Like Minded

Futura Financial's Incubator Support services provide a nurturing environment for startups, offering guidance, technical resources, and networking opportunities. Our dedicated team assists in business development, market entry strategies, and investment procurement, ensuring early-stage ventures gain a solid foundation for sustainable growth and innovation in their respective industries.

Crypto Trading Consultation


Europe Only

OXYZENWEALTH offers Crypto Trading Consultation, a specialized service tailored for both new and experienced traders in the volatile cryptocurrency market in Europe

Our Vision

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Establishing Core Services

  • Personal Financial Planning: Assist clients with creating personalized financial plans.

  • Investment Advice: Offer investment recommendations based on client risk profiles.

  • Retirement Planning: Provide guidance on retirement accounts and planning.

  • Tax Advisory Services: Help clients with tax planning and compliance.

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