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Empowering Entrepreneurs

In 2018, we began as a Sole Proprietor Individual Investment Firm. By 2021, we had evolved into a robust Private Limited VC Collaborator Firm. Our transformation has enabled us to support brilliant concepts at every business stage, transforming them into profitable enterprises that redefine industries and leave a lasting impact. We're not just investors – we're partners who commit funds, technology, and sales expertise for the long-term journey. We recognize that achieving success demands unyielding effort, unwavering dedication, and relentless determination.
Our mission at OXYZENWEALTH is to empower entrepreneurs to translate their ideas and aspirations into thriving endeavors. Right from the initial stages, we stand by our partners, offering personalized guidance and equipping them with comprehensive resources and expert insights to materialize their ambitious visions into groundbreaking realities

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Business Team

Who We Are

We are expert consultants with an extensive network established through partnerships with banks, NBFCs, and private investors, both domestically and internationally. Our role as intermediaries allows us to facilitate lending across all stages of business growth and for enterprises of all sizes. From startups to established ventures, we cover the entire spectrum, ensuring financial solutions for businesses with varying ticket sizes.

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We are a powerful team made up of seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced investors who are experts at finding great ideas in which to invest. Our efforts are focused on selecting talent teams and companies with huge potential.

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Kadiri Praveen Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Kadiri Praveen Kumar joined OXYZEN WEALTH after success in a number of sectors. Their experience has been an incredible asset for us, leading us to consider some companies we might otherwise have overlooked.


Startup Ecosystem by VC firms

Over the span of January to July 2021, the Indian startup landscape experienced a robust influx of capital, with venture capital firms injecting a substantial sum of $17.2 billion. These pivotal investments, as revealed by data furnished by the Indian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (IVCA) in conjunction with Venture Intelligence (VI), underscore the vibrancy and appeal of the country's startup ecosystem.

Out of 10

Common Thumb Rule

Conventionally, it is widely recognized that out of every 10 start-ups, around three to four meet an unfortunate fate of complete failure. Similarly, an equal number manage to recoup the initial investment, while one or two emerge as remarkable success stories, yielding substantial returns. The National Venture Capital Association further underscores this dynamic by estimating that approximately 25% to 30% of ventures supported by venture capital ultimately face failure.


Annual Growth

Venture capital investments inherently carry a reputation for being characterized by high-risk and high-reward dynamics. The insights gleaned from our comprehensive report underscore that while participants in the venture capital landscape willingly embrace factors such as elevated fees, limited liquidity, and inherent risk, the attainment of commensurate high returns remains a rarity in practice.

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Addressing Every Inquiry

What are the various Loan solutions that we Offer?

  • Our offerings encompass a range of financial solutions, including term loans, lines of credit/OD, invoice financing, and merchant cash advances.

  • OXYZENWEALTH Consultants specializes in tailoring business loans to suit the unique needs of diverse segments.

Which Different Segments Benefit from OXYZENWEALTH's Loan Solutions?

  • OxyzenWealth extends loan solutions catering to manufacturers, traders, service providers, and retailers alike.

  • Our specialized loans are designed to meet the distinct requirements of diverse sectors, including travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, and e-commerce enterprises

What are the Terms Loans for Businesses?

term loan is flexible, secures increased working capital, expands your business, and enhances your credit through stable funding. Ideal for defined and time-bound financial needs, business term loans offer fixed or floating interest rates with specific payback periods. They're categorized by tenure: long-term, short-term, and intermediate-term loans. These loans can be secured or unsecured, serving diverse purposes.purposes like purchasing new equipment, increasing working capital, or expanding office premises.

How are the Terms of Business Term Loan Set?

Business term loans provide funds for immediate expenses and are offered by banks, credit unions, and FinTech firms. Loan amounts vary from thousands to lakhs, determined by factors like credit score, business tenure, and revenue. APR typically ranges from 6% to 99%

What is Line of Credit and how does it work?

For consistent cash inflow, a line of credit is ideal. It provides a credit limit for on-demand use, suitable for short-term needs and immediate revenue generation. After setup, access funds and receive a monthly invoice detailing usage and interest charges (if applicable). Repaid amounts become available again, with interest charged solely on the utilized sum. Key features: daily interest accrual, charges on used amount.

How do I Qualify for a Short term Loan?

To qualify for a short-term loan, meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum 1-year operational history with valid business proof.

  2. Indian residency and age above 21.

  3. Valid Indian bank account.

  4. Business and personal KYC details.

  5. Last 6 months' current account statements; for proprietorships, saving account statements if business payments are received there.

  6. Provide CC/OD limit statements if applicable.

What is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice discounting boosts working capital by advancing cash due from clients, eliminating waiting time. It's a modern funding source utilizing invoice collaterals for traditional lenders. Unsecured invoice discounting offers swift access to funds locked in invoices, acting as an alternative to conventional loans. With OxyzenWealth Channel Partners, get instant cash against invoices, avoiding customer payment delays.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Many small business owners lack collateral or credit for traditional bank loans. Merchant Cash Advance suits such businesses with substantial card transactions. It offers cash based on projected future sales, an alternative to traditional loans. Through a Merchant Cash Advance, businesses receive funds in exchange for a portion of future earnings. This helps businesses enhance credit, stock inventory, expand operations, and reach more clients by addressing immediate cash needs.

What is the eligibility of Merchant Cash Advance?

The eligibility criteria for a Merchant Cash Advance loan against a POS machine are:

  1. Promoter's age above 24 years.

  2. Minimum 2 years of operational history.

  3. At least 6 months of card swipe history.

  4. 2 years of income tax returns for loans exceeding 10 lakhs.

  5. Minimum monthly transactions of INR 50,000.

  6. Businesses accepting debit and credit card payments.

  7. Minimum nine months' bank statement.

  8. GST Certificate.

  9. Physical office location.

Please note, not all businesses qualify for this loan. Meeting these criteria is essential

What is an E-Commerce Business Loan and What Documents Are Needed to Apply?

The surge of eCommerce in India has attracted both international and domestic players, intensifying competition for small online businesses. To stay ahead and attract more buyers, small sellers need consistent investment in their online ventures. An eCommerce business loan ensures this financial consistency.

To apply for an eCommerce business loan, keep digital copies of these documents ready for a smooth and swift application process:

  1. KYC documents of your organization and business registration proof.

  2. Mandatory GST certificate and latest GST filings.

  3. Bank account statements from the last 6 months.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to apply for a Hotel Loan?

Qualifying for a hotel business loan with us is now simpler than ever. Just meet these eligibility criteria to unlock the loan benefits:

  1. Age 22 and above.

  2. Your business operating for a minimum of 1 year.

  3. Minimum 1-year income tax returns for your business.

Additional financial documents might be required for verification. Details will be provided when necessary.

What Eligibility Criteria and Documents Needed to Get a Shop Loan?

​The eligibility criteria for obtaining a shop loan at OxyZenWealth are as follows: The applicant should be an Indian citizen. The business location should not be in remote areas. Applicant's age must be between 24 and 60 years. For businesses already established, the operation should be running for at least 18 months. Valid GST/Shop Act/Gumasta/Registration Proof for the business. If the property is rented, a notarized/registered rent agreement of at least 3 months is required. Maximum business loans require a minimum turnover of 50K to 1 Crore. The essential documents needed for a shop loan include: Last 6 months' bank account statement. Identity proof of the applicant, such as PAN card or driver's license. Business PAN card. Relevant business documents like a sole proprietorship declaration.

Please read the agreement and the documents shared by all parties carefully. There might be slight changes in the information due to constant amendments that are made. Book your consultation today to get real time services that we offer.

Your Resources

At OXYZEN WEALTH, we keep close tabs on the investment industry and startup ecosystems. Check out these articles to learn more about the companies we are working with. If you’d like more information about our partners or our line of work, get in touch directly.

Mergers & Acquisitions Roundup

We specialize in the strategic acquisition of businesses, which we then enhance and tailor for optimal market adaptation. Our approach is meticulously honed, focusing on pinpointing acquisition prospects through a diverse array of channels such as incisive market research, impactful trade expos, fostering internal synergies, and conducting comprehensive supply chain analyses. These acquisitions could encompass either full ownership or a substantial majority of assets and equity, thus fortifying our commitment to dynamic growth and value creation.

Business Meeting
Man Carrying a Box

Business Buy/Sell

In an era of unprecedented global interconnectedness, the challenges of sustaining a nation's economy have intensified. The intricate web of factors such as stock markets, fluctuating exchange rates, and illicit cross-border trade casts a complex shadow on economic stability. Neglecting the foundational principles of Natural Law in this context can wield profound ramifications, underscoring the imperative for holistic economic management.

Cash Credit, OverDraft, Business Loan and Trade Capitals

We collaborate with burgeoning enterprises, empowering them to secure essential funding within a swift 90-day window. This facilitates seamless business continuity, while investors concurrently realize a judicious Return on Investment. Our dedicated efforts bridge the gap between evolving businesses and the resources vital for their sustained growth.

Stock Exchange

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Our Strength

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Disruptive AI Internet Traffic Controller

Revolutionizing Transactions: The Dawn of the Financial Bot Controller

In an age where the line between science fiction and reality increasingly blurs, a ground-breaking innovation emerges – the Financial Bot Controller (FBC). This isn't just another incremental step in fintech; it's a leap into what feels like the realms of the extraordinary. The FBC is a robot in design but a titan in capability, poised to control and optimize the future of transactions by making nuanced adjustments to internet traffic. Let’s explore the implications of this pioneering technology.

The Genesis of a New Financial Order

At its core, the FBC represents a paradigm shift in how transactions are managed online. By utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning, it can predict and react to global financial currents, meticulously orchestrating the flow of internet traffic related to financial activities. This allows for a previously unimaginable level of efficiency and security in digital transactions.

The Architecture of Influence

The FBC’s design is as sophisticated as its mission. Encased within its digital framework is a neural network modeled on the human brain, enabling it to learn, adapt, and make decisions autonomously. With every transaction it oversees, the FBC grows smarter, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of transactional management.

A Guardian of Security

In a world brimming with cyber threats, the FBC is a stalwart guardian. By monitoring internet traffic, it can detect and neutralize potential security breaches before they happen, safeguarding the financial information of individuals and institutions alike. The encryption protocols and countermeasures it employs are not just state-of-the-art; they are defining the state-of-the-future.

The Financial Conductor

Imagine every online transaction as a note in a grand financial symphony. The FBC is the conductor, ensuring that each note is played at the perfect pitch and tempo. It fine-tunes the flow of transactions to prevent bottlenecks, reduce latency, and improve the overall harmony of the digital marketplace.

The Implications of Control

With great power comes great responsibility. The advent of the FBC raises questions about the centralization of transactional control. Regulations and ethical frameworks must evolve alongside such technology to ensure that its influence is wielded for the greater good, avoiding the pitfalls of monopolization and the erosion of privacy.

This thought exercise stretches beyond today's technological reality, embodying a vision of what could be. It's a narrative that challenges us to think critically about the integration of technology in finance and the implications of such profound control over our digital transactions.

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