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Business Funding is creating provision of capital to plan and finance your business activities and goals. It is definitely the fuel to executing your entire business operations.

So how much funding does a business need? Do all the businesses require same amount of funding? Are all the businesses walking the same avenue? Who shall provide a business with the funding?

The initial and foremost sources to fund a business operation, or rather to come up with a basic business idea is the founder himself, close relatives, friends which may include personal credit lines, small loans.

The business is a tree that is born by sowing a seed, that goes through a life cycle of plant turning into a healthy tree, which also means it has to go through rains, storms, drought, calamities.

After funding through personal connections, you need external funding to scale up your operations, attract growth. You need to approach the right funder, the investor.

But why an investor will provide you with funding? An investor will see the potential of your business idea, hypothesizes the growth and will bolster you like it is his own venture. The investor will provide the funding in return of some equity ownership or control in some other way. These investors include angel investors, venture capital, private equity, banks, NBFCs, crown & cloud funding.

We, at Oxyzen Wealth, help you get connected with the investors and raise funding. You may require funding at different intervals of period. We help you find the right investor that will inject funds for the business growth and expansion by presenting them the investment pitch including valuation report prepared by conducting due diligence. This activity is done every time you require funding to persuade investor and make him see the value like it is his own calling.

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